More than two years later than initially planned, the  Jaguar XJ6 (Xperimental Jaguar) made its debut in the autumn of 1968, replacing, in one fell swoop, all of the current  Jaguar saloon models.

A spectacular looking car in every aspect, the XJ6's body was first all-new platform/body shell developed by Jaguar since the early Sixties.

With the XJ 6, Jaguar succeeded, many say for the last time, in bringing  together in a single model,  standards of ride comfort,  passenger tranquillity, driving enjoyment  and road holding  at a level that they never had quite succeeded in achieving in their previous saloons,

On its plump tires, specially designed for the XJ6 by Dunlop, this new British world-beater would out-corner Jaguar's own E-Type but had a ride that was softer and quieter than even the most luxuriously appointed limousines of the World

The first XJ6, the Mk 1, came with a choice of two straight-six engines — 2.8 litre and 4.2-litre versions from Jaguar's famous twin-cam XK engine stable.  

When they launched it, the development team at Jaguar were well aware that the 2.8 litres could be considered as underpowered but were mindful of the fact that they were a niche in the market among those who were looking for a stylish and exclusive car without the real need for speed.

The primary demand for the XJ6 was for the 4.2 litre engined version, which outsold the 2.8 at a ratio of three to one.

 Irrespective of its engine capacity, the XJ6 was always a big car that needed a lot of manoeuvring,

As a result of consumer feedback, Jaguar began to offer power steering as standard, while providing a choice of manual or automatic transmission, with manual being standard.

The particularly graceful styling was classic 'four-headlamp' Jaguar, the interior was lavishly appointed with wood and leather upholstery in the marque's finest traditions.

Around 82,000 Series 1 XJs were produced, plus another 16,000 of the Daimler equivalents of each Jaguar type, so there are still plenty around for anyone with the financial wherewithal and imagination to drive and enjoy.

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