The Jaguar Mark IX, introduced in October 1958,  was the last of the series of " larger than life" limousines  produced by the company during the Fifties, the last derivation of the Mk VII, which had appeared in 1950

Using a shell similar to that of the earlier Jaguar limousines,  the Mark IX stood out in a crowd thanks to its enormous curved separate front wings, a tapered bonnet with trademark rectangular grille, and large spats around the rear wheels.

The Mark IX, was an immense and cumbersome car, a factor that had been taken very firmly into account by Jaguar's design and engineering team with four-wheel disc brakes and Burman produced power-assisted steering fitted as standard.

Fitted with a 3781cc XK engine capable of generating a respectable 220bhp, the Jaguar Mark IX was not only a very fast car, capable of reaching a top speed of around 115 mph (184 k/ph) – a remarkable achievement for a vehicle of its size.

Although automatic transmission or overdrive on the standard four-speed manual gearbox was available as optional extras,  the vast majority of owners soon caught on to the possibilities that that option provided, as also meant that they were provided with a loss clustered cabin and extra passenger space, thanks to the bench front seat.

As one would expect from a Jaguar, and particularly these flagship models of the Fifties,  the  Mark IX's interior was most extravagantly equipped, with every conceivable extra for a car of its class and design profile.

Hopes were that the vehicles cumbersome and dated design would be compensated by pricing the Mark IX at just over £2,000 ($3000) for these large, powerful and robust saloons.

>The  Jaguar Mark IX remained in production for around two and a half years, replaced by the more modern but no less ponderous Mark X.

Auto historians regard the Mark IX, the last of the Fifties Jaguar saloons/limousines, as being most likely the best.

Although the Mk IX was outdated, in that its styling was a decade old and it was hefty, it handled as well as ever and was the fastest and safest of all types as well as being a remarkably satisfying car to own and drive.

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