In 1964, the Rootes Group decided that they could capitalise on the success of the Hillman Imp by launching a deluxe version under the Singer Chamois label.

The Singer Chamois was yet another example of the misuse of badge engineering as the car was almost totally identical to the Imp, with just a slightly higher level of trim and equipment and wider-rim road wheels.

Carrying on in the same vein, Singer wasted little time in launching the sports coupe version of the Imp, which they surprisingly titled the Sunbeam Imp Sport.

The new Chamois used the standard Imp shell although more refined and better trimmed, carrying a dummy plated grille of horizontal bars, twin chrome side mouldings and five chrome rubbing strips on top of the engine cover.

Heater, overriders, slotted wheel trims, armrests, water temperature and oil pressure gauges were all standard, while wood veneer appeared on the fascia and door tappings surmounted by deep crash-padded rolls.

In September 1965 a Mark II Chamois was announced, following a change from automatic to manual choke in May. The new model added padded front and rear parcels shelves, contoured rear seats and larger valves.

The Chamois Sport was introduced in 1966 at the same time with the Sunbeam model's 55 bhp twin Zenith-carbureted engine, bearing suitable 'Sport' badges on the doors and engine compartment.

Reclining front seats came as standard, a brake servo added, and louvres cut into the engine cover, and the Sport and standard Chamois models ran concurrently.

In March 1967 the Chamois coupe was announced, based on the Hillman Californian fastback Imp, together with a new Hunter-based Vogue Estate, replacing the Series IV Estate.

 The new Chamois was luxuriously appointed, although it retained the standard 39 bhp engine.

Like the other surviving Singers, the Chamois was dropped in April 1970, after which the Sunbeam Imp Sport soldiered on lonely and alone till the mid-Seventies when it too was sent out to pasture .

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