At the end of 1968, Rolls Royce released the latest and last version of their Phantom Series, the  Phantom VI.

Once again the body was supplied by  Mulliner, Park Ward, and again with separate chassis, leaf-sprung rear axle, and enormous dimensions.

Nearly 20 feet long and weighing in at over 3 tons, the Phantom VI was the most expensive of Rolls-Bentley products, at over thirteen thousand pound sterling, enough to buy a larger than average family home in Britain of the Sixties.    

Coming with the Phantom VI, was on major undesputable fact - and that it was the roomiest, most high profile yet the most regal car you could spend money on.

When the Phantom V metamorphosed into the Phantom VI in 1968, it continued to remain the limousine of choice for the British aristocracy.

As a result, the Rolls Royce Phantom VI remained available, although to special order only, and pretty much unchanged – right up until 1992.

Despite Rolls Royce's desire to present a more modern image including providing a V8 capacity boost to 6750cc in 1978, the Phantom VI continued to be fitted with drum brakes right until the end.

The Phantom VI was phased out in 1991, with the name appearing on a Rolls-Royce for more than a decade until a new series was launched in 2003.

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