Not long after the release of the Consul Classic, Ford made a major departure from their standard design strategy by introducing their first ever UK produced coupe, which they labelled the Consul Capri.

The Ford Consul Capri model was styled very closely after the Classic below the waistline but had a forward sloping rear screen in what would later be termed 'fast-back' styling, although a separate horizontal boot-lid was retained. Both column and floor-change models were available.

TheCapri was a two-seater that looked fast and sporty, although anyone that ever tested one would soon discover that it was neither .

That stigma became a thing of th past in February 1963 with the introduction of the higher-powered Capri GT.

By that time the new Cortina was released, a much more practical option for the typical UK driver for much the same price tag.

In July 1962 the 1340-cc engine was discontinued and replaced by the 116E 1498-cc engine, this having been stroked out to 72.7 mm, and featuring a very rigid five-bearing crankshaft now allied to a new all-synchromesh four-speed gearbox.

The modified Classic was fitted with greaseless steering and suspension joints to minimise maintenance, and the Capri followed it in having the original 'thirteen-forty' unit replaced by the new long-stroke 1498 cc engine.

The Ford Consul Classic and Capri were in production for little more than two years; its production life rapidly cut short by the arrival of the all-conquering Cortina.

Production figures for both the Classic and Capri models were modest by UK Ford standards- a " mere" 130,000 units, including 18,000 Capris.

These production figures for the Consul Capri, to all extents, classed the model as a commercial failure, probably the worst that Ford UK experienced during the Sixties.


However, as a learning experience, it would pay off “big time” with the release of the genuine Capri around five years later to tremendous commercial success.

As time passed, as was often the case with the bizarre and unusual, surviving Consul Capris went on to become a form of collector’s item.

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