By the late Sixties, Daimler had been wholly absorbed into Jaguar, whose marketing department had succeeded in completely and ruthlessly re-shaping the Daimler brand, and were busy badge-engineering Jaguars wherever possible.

The new Daimler Sovereign launched in 1966, therefore, was a re-grilled and re-badged derivative of the Jaguar 420 of the period.

Details of the new model were first released in August 1966, with initial production of the 4235-cc six-cylinder-engined Daimler Sovereign planned for later in the year.

First examples of the new release only began to trickle off the production in October of that same year.

The Sovereign was based around the Jaguar `S' type shell with a modified nose, fluted Daimler radiator, four headlamps with separate sidelights and wrap-round indicators, and rectangular air intakes on either side of the base of the front grille.

The 4.2-litre XK Jaguar engine was used, mated to either the new all-synchro Jaguar gearbox with overdrive or a Borg-Warner Model 8 with dual drive range.

Independent all-round suspension and four-wheel discs were retained while Varamatic power steering, dual hydraulic braking systems, selective interior car temperature control and alternator were standardised.

Also equipped with a pre-engaged starter, heated rear screen, transistorised clock, leather hide upholstery, reclining front seats with centre armrests front and rear, the Sovereign had a fully carpeted boot and twin rear-wing-mounted fuel tanks.

With an impressive 245 bhp generated from the XK engine,  the Sovereign could reach a maximum speed of 117 mph, rush from 0-50 mph in only 6.7 sec.

Fuel economy for the Sovereigh was also reasonable at around 17 mpg.

Once again the exercise of taking a " simple" Jaguar and relabelling it as a Daimler paid off well, with the car once again adding new dimensions to the overall picture.

Providing the opportunity for those more conservative members of the UK public to relive the great days of the industry when driving a Daimler still carried a certain prestige.

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