Always looking to expand their range and power, in 1965 BMW released the 2000 sedan, using the same 1990 cc 121 bhp horsepower engine fitted in the larger 2000 C coupe.

Intended as an upscale version of the 1800, the 2000 featured distinct full taillights, a slightly more luxurious exterior trim, as well as standing out externally thanks to its unique rectangular headlights.

Unfortunately, that dramatic effect was lost to the US as the DMV refused to allow them, for reasons that remained a mystery.

As some form of compensation, US buyers had their saloon and coupe delivered with different grille dominated by four individual round headlights, a design that BMW would later use in the 2500

Released in 1966 the 2000TI sedan, used the 90 kW (121 bhp) engine from the 2000 CS with twin Solex PHH side-draft carburettors.

Design updates had to be made for the US market, where government regulations decreed that the 2000 sedan could not come fitted with the standard rectangular headlights.

For the European market and the rest of the World, the 2000TI retained their familiar '1800' taillights and headlights.

To reach a different market sector, BMW introduced a more luxurious version, the 2000TI-lux (later named the "tilux").

The Tilux was fitted with the sporty ti engine while the interior was a much higher grade with loads of accessories, including a wood dashboard and the option of leather seats.


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