In the course of automotive history, no single decade has witnessed the introduction of so many outstanding vehicles than the Nineteen Sixties.

Although some of the smaller, independent manufacturers had managed to survive and even flourish, the mass market was now dominated by Britain’s version of the Big Three.

These key players were Ford UK, Vauxhall, a subsidiary of US General Motors and the British Motor Corporation (BMC).

In Europe, French, German and Italian car makers were back in full production, and enjoying export sales, particularly at top end of the market, with BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari flourishing.

It was business as usual throughout the rest of Europe, with Citroen and Peugeot in France and Fiat of Italy also enjoying similar success with their own version of the " people's car, while at the same time increasing their market coverage and expanding their global export markets.

In Sweden, both of the country's car manufacturers, Saab and Volvo, went fron strength during the Sixties, firmly consolidating and growing their market position while increasing their range of models.

The best of British

The cream of Europe

From the middle to the end of the decade, the whole new generation of " post-war" children, who became known as "baby boomers " were coming of age, with some even managing to buy their first car, further boosting the fortunes of the already bouyant car industry.

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